Reduced L-Glutathione

I’ve always been uneasy when I hear…”Take this, it’s good for that!”  This statement implies that we are all the same and that whatever we take is going to do for us what it does for everyone else.  My experience tells me that this isn’t true.  However, there is one supplement that seems to be different and that is Reduced L-Glutathione.  Glutathione is comprised of 3 amino acids…cysteine, glutamate, and glycine.  It is found in every cell of our bodies and is a kind of “glue”, holding heart cells in the heart, kidney cells in the kidneys, etc.

We know that when Reduced L-Glutathione (the common form of just plain glutathione does not do this) was mixed with water and held in the mouth for a short time, allowing the mixture to bath the oral tissues, especially the floor of the mouth, the body was stimulated to produce its own glutathione.  In addition, T-cell production increased as well.  When a virus enters our body, it does so within a capsule.  For it to “infect” us, it must get out of the capsule.  Glutathione prevents it from doing that.  Research was done involving people who were flying.  This research showed that there was a significant reduction in viral infections for those passengers who followed this protocol compared to those who didn’t.  In addition, it has been shown that glutathione can, in certain instances, prevent a cancer cell from metastasizing.

There is a condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia, a debilitating condition manifesting itself by sharp, electric like shocks to the face.  Some have described it as though an invisible person walks up to them and sticks them with a ice pick.  The cause can be a physical condition involving an artery and nerve somewhere at the base of the brain.  It can occur after trauma.  Some believe it can be initiated by a virus.  I’ve seen through the years several cases where patients who bathed their oral tissues daily with reduced L-glutathione experienced cessation of their symptoms.  Obviously it won’t work for everyone but given the absence any known downside to using glutathione this way, why not try it.

Given all we know about glutathione, I personally take it 2 times daily…upon wakening and right before going to bed.  I take two 150mg  capsules of Reduced L-Glutathione at a time and place them in my mouth, let them dissolve and then swish the contents around my mouth, bathing all the tissues within my mouth, and then letting it sit on the floor of my mouth, just below the tongue, for a minute or so.  For me, it is not about why but rather, why not!  It is important to remind ourselves that the human body is complex and so is our relationship to disease.  Nothing in life is 100% and nothing beats a healthy lifestyle, including good nutrition, exercise, staying as far away from toxins, etc.  Glutathione is a natural aid to help us on our journey to health and to prevent disease.  It is not a panacea.  m

rev: February 2018